Audio & Video Production & Promotions

Refined music production and various kinds of video production ranging from film making, music videos and event coverage with high standard publicity of the content to increase sales or public awareness.


We are an online platform that connects to its audience through creative content development and distribution of information. We build and grow your online identity which features exhibitions, events, places, articles, music, videos, celebrity shout-out, unique personalities and performing arts.

Graphics & Branding

Planning, projecting ideas and experiences with texts and visual content. We are detailed about conveying messages and are experts when it comes to shaping your brand. Making your brand stand out, building your brand recognition which in turn will generate outstanding return on investment for you.

Events & Awards

We are top notch at creating memorable, creative and fun-filled activities. We award and celebrate personalities and brands for their amazing feats over the years.


We make Information and other types of content available to the public through books, Magazines and any other form.

PR & Media

We provide efficient publicity strategy through an effective medium to disseminate information to stakeholders while promoting products and services with more credibility. Communication channels through which we disseminate these information include but is not limited to newspapers and magazines (physical and online), television, radio, billboards, telephone, and the internet.

Who We Are?

A Lifestyle brand, established with a strong desire for entertainment and art development within Nigeria and across borders. The brand has significantly been involved in the growth of other individual and corporate brands by exploring creative approaches that improve their development. Our strength lies  in all the elements of entertainment, publicity and creativity.



We aim to stand out in all our endeavors and deliveries.


This is the energy we drive on. We are fully dedicated to our work ethics and art.


We make honest decisions towards positive outcomes. We are associated with strong principles and good repute.


Our thirst for originality is second to none. We generate ideas and see through to it’s implementation.


Oluwatoyosi Malomo

Lead Creative Director

Bankole Olanrewaju

DOP & Cinematographer

Hosea Shokoya

Administrative Manager & Event Co-Ordinator

Isaac Azeez Ibikunle

IT & Web Developer

Abimbola Adedayo

Camera Operator

Kinyemi Joshua Oluwadamilare

Logistics Personnel

Anifowose Abiola Sheriff

Server Administrator

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